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Boarding (Inside & Out)

Vacation Station Pet Resort is air conditioned during the warm and hot summer months and heated during the winter, so we provide year-round boarding comfort. Each pet enjoys large, cozy, individual housing areas with glass doors and Kurandra beds. Each suite has a built in pet door with outdoor run access that is under roof (covered) to protect them from the sun, rain, etc.


We provide Kuranda beds (comfy cots to keep pets up off the floor for sleeping). Owners are welcome to bring bedding from home as long as bedding is not oversized and can be machine washed. Of course, cats are boarded in a comfortable separate area from the dogs.



Some of the activities your pets will enjoy during their stay is outdoor playtime in large exercise yards, fitness programs, yappy hour (for dogs) and quiet nappy hour (for cats--yawn), hide & seek, playing and interacting with other guests (with mom and dadís approval) deer and turkey watching and nature walks (for an additional fee) just to name a few.



We encourage owners to bring their own food, individually packaged and labeled, to eliminate changes in their pet's diets which can cause GI upset. It's important that you instruct us on your pet's feeding habits, so we can maintain a consistent routine for him or her. If preferred, we feed a premium dry and canned food for both dogs and cats. We can also cook for your pet if desired.


Baths and Spa Treatments

We offer regular and deluxe baths for boarded guests. Spa treatments include coat conditioning and de-shedding treatments. Limited grooming is also available upon request. To schedule full bathing and grooming without boarding, visit us at our other location, Archer Road Pet Resort in Archer.

Frequent Bathers Discounts

To reward our regular clients, we're offering monthly maintenance to include discounts on one visit per month baths. Mom/dad and doggie must stay consistent to receive discounts.

5% off bath #1 and #2

20% off bath #3

5% off bath #4 and #5

50% off bath #6

5% off bath #7 and #8

75% off bath #9

5% off bath #10 and #11

FREE bath #12

Medications & Medical Treatment

If your pet(s) requires medication, we will be happy to administer medications you provide. We just ask that you leave a phone number(s) where we can reach you with questions or in the event of an emergency. If the need should arise for a trip to the veterinarian, we have a vet on call or we ask your authorization to transport your pet. (You will be asked to sign permission form for this.) Owners are responsible for all veterinary charges, as well as a transportation fee.


Shuttle Service

Shuttle service between our Archer Road Pet Resort location in Archer to Vacation Station Pet Resort in High Springs is available for a charge of $35 one way or $50 round trip.

Vacation Station Pet Resort

578 SE Brawley Terrace, High Springs, FL 32643

Phone: 352-538-9431 Fax: 386-454-8217

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